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When you have a package that must be delivered, do you know how to find the appropriately qualified courier service? is here to help. Just fill in our simple form and click on the quote button. We will promptly provide you with a list of courier delivery services and their best, cheapest delivery rates and fees. Compare the courier services and rates offered, make your selection, and then book it direct with them online. You do not have to leave the website. Your courier of choice securely processes your payment as well. All that is required of you is to have your properly packed parcel prepared and ready for pickup, and leave the rest to a reputable, well known parcel delivery services.

When you are seeking a shipping service or courier service for domestic or international destinations, is your go-to source for rate and delivery information. We are a comparison and booking service, with the power to negotiate discount shipping services in bulk. Our ongoing relationship with prestigious, recognizable courier services means that you can save money today. The rates quoted on our website may be some of the least expensive you will find anywhere.

Types of Services We Offer

Below are most of the different types of courier services we can offer here online:

Low Cost Courier Services

There are many package delivery services throughout the world. Comparing their different rate structures and delivery times can be a daunting task for you. takes that burden from you and your business support staff. Your only task is to choose a parcel delivery service from the list provided on our website. Based on the information that you submit on the quotation form, you can then book the pickup of the parcel by your chosen firm. They will process your payment on their secure website and your parcel will be collected and be well on its way.

The quotation form is easily understood and intuitive. You enter the pertinent data, such as:

  • Destination
  • Package weight and dimensions
  • Pickup address

Note that time frame for delivery is dependent on your chosen service. The list of available companies providing you with a freight service will be specific to your door-to-door delivery needs. For instance, if your package has a final destination in South America, will not give you the name of a package delivery service that only works in the United States.

The system knows the locations serviced by the various courier groups. You should not see one listed that is not compatible with your needs. Therefore, whether your parcel is going across town or around the world, our online list will give you names of couriers that can handle it correctly and efficiently.

Find the Right Shipping Service for You

Thousands of businesses have taken advantage of online comparison and booking services for a courier service providing cheap and reliable services. They have found that websites such as can free up valuable time for their employees and support staff. It makes good economic sense to entrust our comparison service. Find out for yourself how easy it can be. Enter the pertinent information, click the quote button above, and get a quote.

Remember, the courier delivery service is secure. Your confidential information will be kept confidential. And the recipient’s information is secure, as well. Whether your parcel is business or personal in nature, can find a couriers service rate, where you can then book the pickup and delivery, and accept payment. Try it!