Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use this service?

Using our domestic and international courier search is very simple! Enter your parcel(s) and delivery pick up / drop off details into the form. From there, we will do the math and show you the best services to use for speed and price. Its up to you which service you book! After you make your choice, book the courier, and your delivery will be on its way within no time.

Using our international and national courier website is simple. Enter your parcel and address details once, after which we’ll work out the best combinations of price and speed for your situation. Make your choice and complete the booking: your parcel will be on its way before you know it.

How do I ensure safe arrival of my sent goods?

To make sure your parcel / goods gets to it’s destination safely with no dramas, we recommend you follow the below recommendation procedures:

  • Ensure you choose the right size package, specific to its contents. This is important.
  • It is best to use high quality cardboard boxes. If your items are fragile, we recommend extra-strength cardboard boxes and plenty of fillers such as bubble wrap, newspaper and foam type fillers to ensure the goods do not move around during freight.
  • Ideally, we recommend the use of strong duct tape to secure and seal your box.
  • Consolidate smaller items or granular products into a strong, sealed container. Plastic bags maay also be appropriate for this.
  • When sealing and labeling your product, it is advised that you use quality adhesive tape at least 4cm wide for light weight packages, more for heavier packages.
  • Pack your items securely and safely. Goods sold in decorative packaging will not be suitable for shipping.
  • Always protect your data discs, cds, dvds etc as well as audio and videotapes with self cushioning around each individual item.
  • If you are recycling and re-using old boxes, please try to remove all previous labels and stickers, as this may confuse the chosen courier.

Is there anything I shouldn’t do when packing goods for freight?

  • Don’t cover the sender or receiver information with labels or an airway bill.
  • Don’t place tape or shrink wrap over labels.
  • Don’t wrinkle, scratch or mark the label or bar code.
  • Don’t wrap a label around the corner or directly on the edge or seam of the package.

What will happen if no one is home when the courier tries to deliver the item(s)?

The courier will leave a note / card with contact details on it. These will notify you that a delivery has been attempted. The item(s) will be couriered back to the depot overnight and a redelivery attempt will be made the following day. A redelivery fee of may apply should this occur. Alternatively, we recommend that you collect the item(s) from the courier depot and no extra cost before the redelivery happen the following day.

Is is possible for the courier to leave the goods at the front door if there is nobody home for the delivery?

No. A signature is required for every delivery. It is a liability to leave the item(s) unattended and unsigned for, so all couriers use this process.